Certification is the independent recognition that an organisation meets the requirements of nationally or internationally recognised standards. It involves an independent and impartial evaluation of an organisation’s competence in relation to specific activities or services.

The main goal of health and human services certification is to ensure users of the service receive a consistent level of care and quality patient outcomes.

Certification provides a framework which enables health and human services to improve their processes, systems and environment to enable continuous quality improvement to the consumer experience and results in increased confidence in the outcomes.

Why Choose QIP Certifications?

Consumer confidence

Reassures consumers and the local community of a service's commitment to deliver quality-focused services and/or care.

Reduce business risk

Allows for ongoing review, monitoring & improvement of systems, processes & culture; enabling risk management & mitigation.

Quality team

Educating and engaging a service's team in the process of quality improvement can build a culture of quality among staff.

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