QIP Certifications offers a transparent approach to certification.

Certification is a three-year cyclic process of internally led self-assessment followed by independent external assessment aimed at facilitating quality service provision. Once every three years post the certification assessment, a full assessment is required.

Step 1 – Enquiry and application

  • Make an enquiry and apply to QIP Certifications to become certified against a set of standards. Simply contact us and tell us what you need and complete this Client Application.
  • QIP Certifications will then review your application and be in touch to determine any specific needs or concerns relevant to your organisation. Understanding your organisation, your approach to quality and what makes your organisation tick is an essential part of providing a personalised certification service which truly adds value to your organisation.
  • Following, QIP Certifications will provide you with a quotation detailing our approach to certification and a customised quote outlining the cost and time involved in a formal assessment.
  • Once you have approved the quotation and agreed to our Client Service Agreement, QIP Certifications will assign your organisation a dedicated Client Liaison Officer.
  • You will receive an invoice and a welcome pack from us, once your Client Service Agreement is returned.

Step 2 – Self-assessment

  • You will be provided with a self-assessment to complete and assist you to achieve audit readiness.
  • You can call us at any time during this step for information or support.

Step 3 – Pre-audit planning

  • QIP Certifications consults with you to develop your audit program, audit plan and choose your audit team.
  • Your team will work with the QIP Certifications Team to determine your audit dates.
  • Our audit team come to you and evaluate your business.
  • QIP Certifications will ensure the auditors assigned have the relevant sector experience necessary to enable a thorough value-adding assessment identifying improvement opportunities, including the development of a 'quality culture' and possible areas of risk.

Step 4: Independent evaluation

Stage 1 – for clients who have not been certified before

  • The aim of the Stage 1 Audit is to ensure your organisation is ready for the Stage 2 Certification Audit.
  • Our sector-experienced auditors will conduct an on-site review of how well your organisation meets the requirements of the Standards.
  • This will involve an audit of your documentation associated with your quality management system.
  • Following the Stage 1 Audit, you will receive a report which outlines the auditors’ feedback including an area of concern or opportunities for improvement.

Stage 2 Certification Audit

  • The Stage 2 Audit is your Certification Audit and involves an on-site assessment of your main office and a sample of your other sites, if applicable.
  • At this Audit, QIP Certifications will interview your executive, staff and your clients if required by the standard.
  • After this audit is conducted, the auditors will prepare an Audit report for submission to QIP Certifications and/or scheme owner as necessary.
  • You will receive a draft report for you to review that outlines any opportunities for improvements or non-conformities found for your organisation to effectively comply with the standards.
  • Your organisation is then provided with the opportunity to clarify and respond to the report or complete a Corrective Action Plan for approval if required.

Step 5 – Certification

  • Once QIP Certifications has received feedback from your organisation regarding your draft report, QIP Certifications’ Certification Decision Committee will decide on your certification.
  • QIP Certifications will provide your organisation with a certificate of registration, the QIP Certifications Mark and other tools you can use to promote this achievement to your stakeholders.
  • Certification is for a period of three years from the date of the certification decision.

Step 6 – Surveillance/maintenance audits

Surveillance audits are required during each certification cycle:

  • Human Service Quality Standards (HSQF) – mid-point (18 months), and
  • ISO 9001:2015 – annually.