Transfer your existing certification to QIP Certifications for a personalised certification experience that adds value to your organisation and employees, as well as  the end users of your service.

Our transfer process is straightforward

If you have made the decision to transfer your certification to QIP Certifications from another provider, you simply need to:

  • Contact QIP Certifications for an obligation-free quote.
  • Send your completed application together with a copy of your existing certificate, your prior audit report and corrective action plans, if applicable.
  • QIP Certifications will conduct an on-site audit if required, review your documentation and approve your transfer.
  • A certificate will be issued to you so you can promote your certification by displaying the QIP Certifications Mark of Conformity.

Following your transfer, QIP Certifications will continue to assess your organisation in line with your existing quality improvement plan to ensure your certification and continuous quality improvement activities are maintained.

Start your transfer process to QIP Certifications today