QIP Certifications is an independent certifying body that provides ‘international best practice’ third-party certification services with a difference. Passionate for quality improvement, we deliver a tailored Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) certification service, personalised support and expert auditors to ensure a value adding experience to your organisation’s quality improvement journey.

As a Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) certifying body, we are familiar with the difficulties faced by many organisations when undertaking certification. To help manage these challenges, we hosted a practical and informative HSQF-focused live 40-minute webinar on Wednesday 17 July at 11am (AEST), presented by QIP Certifications’ Quality Assurance Officer, Joanne Richards, and our HSQF expert, Dr Hannele Nupponen.

With a breadth of experience in the human services sector and particular HSQF knowledge, Dr Nupponen discussed Standard 1 – Governance and Management of the Human Services Quality Standards. Standard 1 has proven to be one of the more challenging standards to interpret when undergoing certification, resulting in a greater number of non-compliances across the sector. Dr Nupponen drew on her own experiences to highlight specific indicators and their common non-compliances, offering guidance to resources that will assist you and your team through your certification process.

QIP Certification clients have access to this webinar within their QIP Certifications accreditation hub.

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