The Human Rights Act 2019

QIP Certifications Update Webinar


From 1 January 2020, Queensland will increase protection of human rights through the introduction of The Human Rights Act 2019.

Organisations contracted to provide services to the public, on behalf of the Queensland Government, are included under this Act as public entities. As such, they need to act accordingly, make decisions and be respectful of human rights.

These organisations are required to make changes to their policy and procedures and associated documentation, service delivery decisions and staff training to ensure these elements of operation demonstrate compliance with The Human Rights Act 2019 from 1 January 2020.

With certification clients across Australia’s health, community and human services, QIP Certifications is working with a number of these organisations and various peak bodies to assist teams with understanding the practical implications and impacts of The Human Rights Act 2019.

To support an increased understanding of this new Queensland legislation requirement, our team hosted a complimentary ‘The Human Rights Act 2019 – QIP Certifications Update Webinar’ on Thursday 30 January 2019.

Information shared during this webinar includes updates regarding the Act from the Queensland Government as well as details as to the importance of adhering to the Act and respecting human rights for all.

View our webinar below to learn more about the pending implementation of The Human Rights Act 2019.


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